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Summary of Professional Experience



ChemGenics (VP/Director Level)
New Chemical Entities (Scientific Founder and Advisor)
Ceres Genomics (Acting VP of Genomic Info)
SynX Pharma (Acting CIO)


Short Bio


Dr. A. Jamie Cuticchia, has over 25 years’ academic and industry experience leading groups in computational biology, genomics, high-performance computing, software engineering, and genome data base construction.  He has raised nearly $200,000,000 in research funding during his career.  He has held numerous leadership positions including professorships at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. 


Dr. Cuticchia founded the Ontario Center for Genomic Computing, a Top 500 Supercomputing Center and the largest supercomputing center devoted solely to addressing issues of life sciences.  He also held several full and part-timeindustrial positions including Director of Computational Biology for the MITRE/Mitretek Corporation, Director of Bioinformatics and Genomics for ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals, Director of Drug Discovery Information Technology for Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Acting Vice President of Genomic Information for Ceres Genomics, and Acting CIO for SynX Pharmaceuticals, and scientific founder of New Chemical Entities.  He was Director of Bioinformatics for the Research Triangle Institute. 


While at Duke, Dr. Cuticchia held several concurrent bioinformatics positions within both clinical and translational research including Duke Bioinformatics Scholar.  Dr. Cuticchia was ranked in 2001 as a Genome Technology All-Star, one of the Top 3 Bioinformaticians worldwide responsible for the success of the Human Genome Project.  He has numerous publications including four books on the human genome and fifth book on microarray analysis released in 2009. 


In May 2009 Dr. Cuticchia was awarded a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University (magna cum laude) where he previously served on the NCCU Law Review and was Managing Editor of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review.  He formed AJC Legal Services in 2009 to practice intellectual property and help entrepreneurs in the area as well as Patent Law.  He works with the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Institute in Durham, NC in the area of research and development.  He continues to consult in the biotechnology area as well being a consultant to the film and television industry on biotechnology matters.  His most recent book, Genetics: a Handbook for Lawyers, published by the ABA is a bestseller. In 2013, his newest book “Bioinformatics Law” which he edited by Jorge Contreras was be published by the ABA as well.






J.D., Doctor of Laws, magna cum laude, North Carolina Central University School of Law, NC, 2009.

Ph.D., Genetics, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1992.

B.A. Biological Sciences with Honors, The University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, 1987.


Law School Honors


Staff, North Carolina Central Law Review (2007-2008, 2008-2009)

Staff, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review (2007-2008)

Managing Editor, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review (2008-2009)


ABA (American Bar Association) Published Books


“Bionformatics Law,” which was co-edited with Jorge Contreras and published by the American Bar Association Publishing Group, was released in April 2013.


“Genetics:  A Handbook for Lawyers,” has been a best seller for the American Bar Association Publishing since its release in July 2010.



Cumulative Research Funding


$200,000,000 from 1995 – 2009 as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator)


A Principal Investigator is the primary individual responsible for the preparation, conduct, and administration of a research grant, cooperative agreement, training or public service project, contract, or other sponsored project in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and institutional policy governing the conduct of sponsored research.  A Co-PI/Co-I is similarly obligated to ensure the project is conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and institutional policy governing the conduct of sponsored research.


Selected Research Experience (Projects)


Cancer Clinical Trials Patient Registry (2006)-Principal Investigator.  Development of infrastructure for a national registry of cancer patients for the caBIG / NCI programs.


Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (2006)-Bioinformatics Core.  Provides the bioinformatics services and research for the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Duke Center for Translational Sciences Award (2006) – Biomedical Informatics Team.  Provides strategic support for bioinformatics at Duke and as a member of National CTSA committees.


NIDDK Central Repositories-Data (2006)-Co-Principal Investigator.  Provides scientific leadership in the area of integration of genomic and clinical trial data.


Cancer Translation Research caTRIP (2006)-Principal Investigator.  Development of infrastructure to tackle the problems of outcomes analysis, where a clinician can access clinical, pathology, and mechanistic data from a cohort of patients to help guide the clinician in determining the best diagnostic and/or treatment modality for new patients.


Models of Infectious Disease Agent Studies (2004) – Co-Principle Investigator.  Established a high-performance computing center for the modeling of infectious diseases.


Genome-Proteome Database (2003)—Project Director.  Developed a new standard for the development of databases of curated biological data.


GDB Human Genome Database (2003)—Managing Director.  Assumed management role in the maintenance of a 15 year resource for human genetic data.


NIDDK Central Repositories-Data (2003)—Project Director.   Created a warehouse for the storage of clinical data and the process to provide such data to the scientific community.  Coordinated the sample tracking between the Data, Genetic Sample, and Biological Sample facilities.


NCI Comparative Genome Viewer (2003)—Principal Investigator, Bioinformatics.  Designed a system to support comparative genome analysis for the National Cancer Institute.


Sigma-GenoSys Bioinformatics Consultancy (2002)—Project Director.  Performed the evaluation of bioinformatics software for the development of a Sigma-GenoSys bioinformatics business.


Bioinformatics Support Contract (2002)—Principal Investigator, Bioinformatics.  Designed a system for the integration of clinical and mechanistic life sciences data which was produced as a prototype.


Internet Connectivity and Network Infrastructure (2001)—Project Director.  Developed a network plan for an existing building and a newly leased secondary site.  Oversaw the development of a broadband Internet connectivity strategy.


Development and Implementation of New Methodology for Differential Protein Expression Assays (2001)—Project Director.  Software which reduced computing needs 100-fold was created for target identification in diagnostics was developed.


Evaluation of Strategic Partners (2001)—Project Director.  Provided the bioinformatics expertise needed to make sound business judgments regarding strategic alliances in the hardware and software fields.

Professional Experience








Concurrent and Overlapping Positions 2006 - present


Feb. 2006-            A. Jamie Cuticchia and Associates


A. Jamie Cuticchia and Associates is a business to accept new clients and which formalized the consulting work previously entered into individually by A. Jamie Cuticchia.  This business was a part-time venture until July 2010 when it and AJC Legal Services because his full-time ventures.


Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area



Sample Clients:


Astra Zeneca (Pharmaceuticals)

iBODD (Health Informatics)

IBM (Life Sciences Division)

Silicon Graphics Incorporated (Life Sciences Division)

Dovel Technologies (Computer Architect Driven Solutions – Bioinformatics)

Unissant CIO-SP Inc. (NIH Contractor)

Saffron Technologies (Artificial Intelligence – applied to drug discovery)

NewcoGen- now Flagship Ventures (Top VC firm)

BioCarolina (Medical Device Start-up)

Sigma Aldrich (Chemical Supplier for Research)

Genelogics (Public genomics company – at time of consulting)

National Institutes of Health

U.S. Department of Energy

National Science Foundation

Venture Capital firm focusing on biotechnology and technology inventions

Top Law Firm (performed expert work as geneticist for cases)

Feb. 2010-            Cuticchia Law Firm PLLC /d/b/a/ AJC Legal Services


AJC Legal Services is a law firm which was incorporated in February 2010.   This business was a part-time venture until July 2010 when it and A. Jamie Cuticchia and Associates because full-time ventures.

Raleigh-Durham, NC


Founder, Attorney, and Patent Attorney

I hold a J.D. and I am licensed to practice in the State of North Carolina, The Fourth Federal Circuit- EDNC, The Fourth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (pending), and the U.S.P.T.O. (i.e., Patent Attorney). My focus is in helping individuals and start-up companies. In particular I work on patents and intellectual property, licensing, and employment law.

I am also developing academic recognition and litigation issues with respect to "Personal Medicine."

July. 2011-            North Carolina Central University


Adjunct Instructor,  Bio manufacturing Institute and Technology Enterprise

Adjunct Full Professor, NCCU School of Law

I have taught "Genetics and the Law" twice at the NCCU School of Law.  I have taught Patent Law, Introduction to Drug Discovery, and FDA Regulations to undergraduates at BRITE (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013),



Apr. 2006-            Duke University Health System

Jul. 2010                Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy

Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

Duke Translational Medical Institute

Durham, NC



Duke Bioinformatics Scholar and Member Duke Biomedical Informatics Committee / CTSA Biomedical Researcher.  Previously - Director, Duke Bioinformatics Group / Director Duke Cancer Center Bioinformatics Unit


My Responsibilities included both providing leadership to core bioinformatics facilities, implementing caBIG (Cancer Bioinformatics Grid) technologies, other independent biological research.  I was promoted to the position of Duke Bioinformatics Scholar in 2009.  That role was to provide direction for large, national projects strategically aligned with the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center coordinated with the Duke University Health System.




  • Planning and ongoing implementation of the Duke “Clinomics” project which serves as an informatics engine supporting molecular medicine and translational research.
  • Production of Health Informatics platforms for integration of genomic data and Electronic Health Records. Principal investigator for grants under caBIG for numerous national cancer informatics projects.Co-organizer of CAMDA 2006 conference. Strategic Planning for Bioinformatics as part of the North Carolina Research Campus Core Lab.


Mar. 2002-            RTI (Research Triangle Institute)

Mar. 2006            

RTI is an independent, nonprofit institute that provides research, development, and services to government and commercial clients worldwide.

Research Triangle Park, NC.


Director for Bioinformatics


My Responsibilities included the marketing and acquisition of business in genomics and bioinformatics for RTI.  I Worked with members of the Bioinformatics and Genomics team to develop strategic and tactical plans for increasing RTI’s business and capabilities; identify research business opportunities in government and private industry; market RTI’s capabilities to potential clients; prepare proposals and negotiate contracts; lead research projects and work on projects that are led by others; make presentations and prepare papers that enhance RTI’s reputation in bioinformatics; identify and recruit additional staff necessary to grow the program; and mentor staff.




  • Served a project director, principal investigator, or co-PI over $35,000,000 of genomic or epidemiologic research.
  • Established a high-performance computational center for biological research.
  • Directed the GDB Human Genome Database in its transition to RTI.
  • Built a group of diverse scientific expertise including computer science, modeling, bioinformatics analysis, human genetics, and plant genomics.
  • Created the Bioinformatics Division within the Research Computing Organization at RTI.
  • Served as thought leader for bioinformatics across the entire organization.




Concurrent and Overlapping Positions 1998 – 2002


Jan. 1998 -            University of Toronto

Aug. 1997             Department of Medical Biophysics

Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics

Toronto Ontario.


Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine


I was a founding faculty member of the Program of Proteomics and Bioinformatics. 




  • Co-developed one of the core courses used in the program and taken by many graduate students in Medical Biophysics and Molecular and  Medical Genetics
  • Supervised or co-supervised numerous graduate students and post-docs which have gone on to become leaders in their field.


Concurrent and Overlapping Positions 1997 - 2001


Aug. 1997-            Hospital for Sick Children

Nov. 2001

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is a health-care, teaching and research center dedicated exclusively to children; affiliated with the University of Toronto

Toronto Ontario.


Head of Bioinformatics


I led the development of Bioinformatics/Computational Biology.  I developed both a core facility for serving the 1,500+ research scientists while working with senior hospital officials to set academic priorities for future recruitments.


Co-Director of The Centre for Applied Genomics


I provided the bioinformatics infrastructure, support, and direction for the genome center.


Managing Director of the GDB Human Genome Database


I established the move from the U.S. of the second most used database for human genomic information.


Founder and Director of the Ontario Centre for Genomic Computing


I created the largest publicly accessible Application Service Provider (ASP) for bioinformatics in the world, consistently ranked in the worldwide Top500 list of supercomputers.


Major Projects/Achievements


  • Raised over $55,000,000 in funds to support bioinformatics through government and private organizations, setting a record for the amount of money brought in by a single investigator at the Hospital for Sick Children.
  • Developed a core-facility providing bioinformatics services to over 300 researchers.
  • Supervised a group of up to 50 staff who held PhDs, MDs, MSs, and BAs with advanced training in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics.
  • Re-established the GDB Human Genome Database, noted by HUGO (The Human Genome Organization) as the most noteworthy genomic event in 1999.
  • Collaborated with several companies to provide bioinformatics services through HSC.
  • Played a role in the design and creation of clinical trials databases.



Aug. 1996-            ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals / Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Aug. 1997

Chemgenics Pharmaceuticals was a natural products drug discovery acquired by Millennium

Pharmaceuticals in 1997.

Cambridge, MA


Director of Genomics and Information Technology


I was Responsible for leading the bioinformatics and genomics departments of a 100+ person biotechnology company.  Budgetary responsibility of approximately one-third of the research and development expenditure through a matrix management system.


Major Projects/Achievements


  • Developed the “Drug Source” project which organized the 1,000,000+ natural products available for drug screening.
  • Developed a high-throughput LIMS system that was used to manage the automated screening procedure and interfaced with robotics and other screening technology.
  • Co-developed with Pfizer a system for prioritization of drug targets for further genomic analysis using a proprietary bioinformatics system.
  • Established a core group and core technologies for bioinformatics analysis for the company.
  • Played a key role in merging the bioinformatics technologies of ChemGenics with Millennium Pharmaceuticals.




Oct. 1995-             The MITRE Corporation / MitreTEK Corporation

Aug. 1996

MITRE is a FFRDC (Federally Funded Research and Development Center).  Its sister company, MitreTek (now Noblis) is a nonprofit science, technology, and strategy organization.  It performs research in biotechnology and other technology sectors.

McLean, VA.


Director of Computational Biology


I was responsible for leading the use of recently unclassified US Department of Defense technology into the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. 


Major Projects/Achievements


  • Built from scratch, a team of individuals to employ the “think-tank” technologies of MITRE to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors and taught courses in genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics to MITRE staff.
  • Successfully negotiated and lead the first projects in this area.  Unfortunately, confidentiality prevents discussion regarding the customers and the work products.
  • Developed technology used in Genome Explorer for integrating biological data across multiple databases.  This technology was a precursor to many of the technologies used for tools such as IBM Discoverylink or NetGenics.
  • Responsible for interacting with scientists at major pharmaceutical companies as part of the MITRETEK (the commercial spin-off of MITRE) marketing plan.



Concurrent and Overlapping Positions 1992-1995


Mar. 1992-            The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.

Oct. 1995

Visiting Professor, Biomedical Information Sciences (1995 to 2001)

Director of Acquisition and Curation (1992 to 1995)

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Information Sciences (1992 to 1995)

Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics and Medicine (1992 to 1995)


As a member of the Senior Management Team for the largest bioinformatics project devoted to the human genome program at the time, I was responsible for coordinating the needs of human genome project researchers with informatics support available from the GDB Human Genome Data Base Project. 


Major Projects/Achievements


  • Represented GDB at over 50 scientific meetings and visits to human genome centers.
  • Published in conjunction with Karger (1) and The Johns Hopkins University Press (3) four books from 1992-1996 that outlined the state of the human gene map during the period of the human genome project when most disease genes were isolated.
  • Responsible for spearheading the move of GDB data from proprietary software to the WWW by working with GDB top developers.
  • Founding faculty member of the Division of Biomedical Information Sciences and developer of course on the role of computation in the human genome project.
  • Provided the strategic leadership for data collection procedures and interfacing with all major genome centers.
  • Budgetary oversight ($+2,000,000 per year) of all data activities of project, and NIH Principal Investigator for that core.
  • Coordination of two satellite curation centers (Winnipeg and Dallas).
  • Developed in coordination with the US DOE and the European Community the GDB Curator program that provided personnel at major European genome centers that performed GDB curation.



Long-term Consulting Positions

(some may be concurrent with positions)




SynX Pharma  ( Nov. 2001- Mar. 2002)

SynX Pharma was an integrated proteomics company acquired by Nanogen in 2003.  The company engaged in research and development in the fields of cardiovascular and diseases of the nervous system.

Mississauga, Ontario


Acting Chief Information Officer




Ceres Genomics ( 2000-2001)

Ceres Genomics (now Ceres) was an agribusiness devoted to improving crops through the use of genomics and executed an IPO in 2012.

Malibu California


Acting Vice President of Genomic Information




New Chemical Entities (Nov. 1998 – Dec. 2000)

New Chemical Entities was a natural products and genomics-based drug discovery company which was purchased by Albany Molecular Research in 2001.

Seattle, Washington


Scientific Founder





Honors and Awards (Selected)


Selected, National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists

Elected Managing Editor, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review

Member of North Carolina Central University Law Review

National Cancer Institute, caBIG Outstanding Achievement Award

Research Triangle Institute President’s Award

Inductee, Genome Academy

Genome Technology All-Star

Recipient of SGI Endowment in Bioinformatics

SGI Showcased Outstanding Researcher

Canadian Top 40 under 40 Nominee

Recipient of IBM SUR Award for Bioinformatics

Elected to Sigma Xi Honor Society

University of Georgia Travel Award

Genetics Department-NIH Training Award

University of Georgia Graduate Fellow Fellowship

Genetics Society of America Travel Award

Outstanding Graduate in the Biological Sciences

Honors Program Graduate in addition to Cum Laude

American Legion Oratorical Scholarship

University of Maryland Baltimore County Distinguished Scholar

Maryland Distinguished Scholar (highest award in State academics)


Professional Activities


Appointed to the National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists

Managing Editor, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Journal

Corresponding Editor, Human Mutation

Board Member, Human Genome Variation Society

Founding Board Member, Human Genome Variation Society

Reviewer, NIH ad hoc panel on Brain Informatics

Reviewer, Wellcome Trust, Bioinformatics

Member, Sun Centers of Excellence

Member, North Carolina Genomics and Bioinformatics Consortium

Member, High Performance Computing Focus Group, NCGBC

Member, North Carolina Bar

Member, North Carolina Bar Association

Member, American Bar Association

Member, American Bar Association, Sci-Tek Committee


Lecture and Teaching Experience


2013       Instructor, FDA Regulations for Scientists (NCCU)

                Instructor, Patent Law for Scientists (NCCU)

                Instructor, Introduction to Drug Discover (NCCU)

                Invited Speaker, Crossroads of Science (Brody School of Medicine)


2012       Adjunct Full Professor, Genetics and the Law (NCCU)

                Instructor, Patent Law for Scientists (NCCU)


2011       Adjunct Full Professor, Genetics and the Law (NCCU)


2010       Speaker, Duke Cancer Institute


2009       Speaker, Duke Translational Medicine Institute

                Speaker, Duke Biostatistics Department Seminar

                Speaker, IGSP (Duke)


2008       Speaker, CHI Biomarker Summit

                Lecturer, Genome Academy (Duke)


2007       Co-Organizer, Colloquium in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law, North Carolina Central University school of Law


2006       Co-Organizer, NCCU Conference on Pharmaceutical Law

                Speaker, University of Missouri Animal Genomics Program


2005          Speaker, Human Genome Variation Conference

                Seminar, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy

                Program Committee Chair, Sun Center’s of Excellence in Bioinformatics Conference (Biotech Center, NC)


2004          Speaker, Human Genome Variation Conference

Speaker, North Carolina Biotech Investment Expo


2003       Variations Conference, Los Angeles

Human Genome Variation Society Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Mutation Detection and Variation Conference, Palm Cove, Australia


2002       Medical Biophysics 1011H, Bioinformatics Course, Toronto

                Bioinformatics Presentation, Jansen Pharmaceuticals, Antwerp


2001       Keynote Speaker, IBC USA Conference on Research Informatics, San Diego

                Speaker, American Society of Human Genetics, San Diego

                Keynote Speaker, Canadian Supercomputing Conference, Windsor

                MBP Student Selected Keynote Speaker, Toronto

                Presenter, Ottawa Life Sciences Conference, Ottawa

                Speaker, Canadian Microbial Conference, Waterloo

                Speaker, HUGO MDI Conference, San Diego

                Keynote Speaker, Canadian Biodiversity Conference, Ottawa

                Lecturer, High School Teachers Training in Genomics, Toronto


2000       Invited Lecturer for First Chinese Bioinformatics Course, Peking University, Beijing

                Invited Seminar, BioinfoTech, Cheng Du,

                Keynote Speaker, Biosilico 2000, New York

                Panelist, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, Honolulu

                Symposium Co-Chair, HGM 2000, Vancouver

                Speaker, Bioventure Ontario 2000, Toronto

                Workshop Instructor, Canadian Genetic Disease Network, Ottawa

                Keynote Speaker, Toronto Biotech Initiative Breakfast, Toronto

                Speaker, Cold Spring Harbor Genome Mapping Conference, Cold Spring Harbor

                Invited Seminar, Ceres Inc., Malibu


1999       Keynote Speaker, Roche Leaders in Oncology, Palm Springs

                Keynote Speaker, Pasteur Merieux Connaught Research Meeting, Montreal

                Keynote Speaker, Toronto Biotechnology Initiative, Toronto

                Speaker, Mutation Database Initiative Conference, San Francisco

                Organizer and Speaker, GDB Editors Conference, San Francisco

                Speaker, CAC3 High Performance Computing Conference, Kingston

                Seminar, University of Toronto Dept. of Medical Genetics, Toronto

                Electronic Presenter, Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference, Miami

                Speaker, Ontario Ventures Conference, Toronto

                External Invited Speaker, CGDN Conference, Collingwood


1998       Speaker, Mutation Database Initiative Conference, Brisbane

                Seminar, Seneca College, Toronto

                Speaker, SAIM Conference, Toronto

                External Invited Speaker, CGDN Conference, Montreal

                Seminar, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta


1997       Seminar, KAIST Institute, Taejon

                Speaker, First Italian-Canadian Genomics Conference, Toronto

                Seminar, Biochemistry Division, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

                Seminar, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Princeton

                Seminar, Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Sunnyvale


1996       Seminar, ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge

                Seminar, The Genetics Institute, Cambridge

                Seminar, Astra Research Center Boston, Cambridge

                Seminar, Allelix Pharmaceuticals, Mississauga


1995       Seminar, The University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

                Seminar, Allelix Pharmaceuticals, Mississauga

                Speaker, Fourth International Chromosome 9 Workshop, Williamsburg

                Instructor, Neuroscience Course, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

                Speaker, International Chromosome 18 Workshop, Philadelphia

                Speaker and Co-organizer, GDB Remote Node Consortium Meeting, Paris

                Speaker and Organizer, First International Editorial Assistant Summit, Paris


1994       Speaker, Second Chromosome 7 Workshop, Toronto

                Speaker, Second Human Chromosome 8 Workshop, Oxford

                Speaker, Third International Chromosome 22 Workshop, Cambridge

                Speaker, Human Chromosome 2 Workshop, Aarhus

                Speaker, Chromosome 12 Workshop, New Haven

                Speaker, European Society of Human Genetics, Paris

                Seminar, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

                Seminar, Emory Medical School Invited Seminar, Atlanta

                Seminar, Mercer Univ. and Medical School, Macon

                Speaker, Third International Chromosome 9 Workshop, Cambridge

                Speaker, First Chromosome Y Workshop, Cambridge

                Instructor, Neuroscience course, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

                Instructor, Medical Genetics, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

                Speaker, International Chromosome 1 Workshop, Bethesda

                Presenter, 25th Annual March of Dimes Conference, Orlando

                Presenter, First Annual ACMG Conference, Orlando

                Opening Speaker, International Chromosome 15 Workshop, Oxford


1993       Panelist, Human Gene Mapping Meeting 93, Kobe

                Distinguished Speaker, Chromosome Coordinating Meeting 1993, Tsukuba

                Guest Instructor, George Mason University, Fairfax

                Presenter, American Society of Human Genetics Meeting, New Orleans

                Speaker, International Chromosome 6 Workshop, Berlin

                Presenter, International Congress of Genetics, Birmingham

                Instructor, Bar Harbor Short Course on Medical Genetics, Bar Harbor

                Speaker, European Genome Database Conference, London

                Presenter, Clinical Investigations 1993, Washington, DC

                Instructor, Neuroscience course, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

                Speaker, International Chromosome 4 Workshop, Stanford

                Speaker, International Chromosome 14 Workshop, Toronto

                Speaker, Second International Chromosome 9 Workshop, Cape Cod


1992       Speaker, Chromosome Coordinating Meeting 1992, Baltimore

                Panelist, DOE meeting of Genome Centers, Berkeley

                Panelist and Speaker, International Scientific Advisory Council, Baltimore

                Speaker, International Chromosome 22 Workshop, Philadelphia

                Seminar, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston 

                Speaker, Hilton Head Conference on Genome Mapping and Sequencing, Hilton Head


1991       Speaker, ASA Summer Research Conference on Statistics, Melbourne Beach

  to          Speaker, Genetics Society of Georgia Annual Meeting, Atlanta

1988       Seminar, Emory University, Atlanta

                Organizer, Athens Computer Symposia, Athens

                Poster Presenter, Genetics Society of America Annual Meeting, San Francisco

                Presenter, 1990 Genetics Society of America Annual Meeting, Atlanta

                Speaker, 1989 and 1989 Genetics Society of Georgia Annual Meeting, Atlanta

                Poster Presenter, International Congress of Genetics, Toronto





Books and Book Chapters (Selected)


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